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27 March
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My name Is Jason. I was born, raised, and still mostly reside in saratoga springs located in Upstate NY. Its a nice little city as well as the Augest place to be. Im currently a senior at Clark University in Worcester MA. Im a double major in the International Relations Subfield of Government and Psychology. I do all kinds of fun things in life and at school. Im involved with SARC, the Student Alumni Relations Committee, I play intramural frisbee and intramural volleyball . I also have a radio show I rarely actually take part in. Im the student council liason to the administration but im still trying to figure out exactly what I am supposed to. I am most definately not nearly as smart, witty, or funny as I think I am, just ask any of my friends. When im home I like to play prison soccer with some of my friends which consists of soccer on a frozen pond with a bowling ball. I like to ski on both water and snow and I take pictures with a cheap little digital camera. I enjoy drinking all kinds of beverages including many alcoholic. Ive attended the same summer camp in Lake George, YMCA Camp Chingachgook for the last ten summers, 5 as a camper, 5 as a staff member. Its a great place, I definately recomend it. Im currently working as a teachers aide for a summer program for special ed kids. They are prety excellent when they arent kicking you. Im also an intern for the Saratoga Springs Open Space project which is nice because it doesnt require giving blow jobs or opening anthrax tainted mail. I want to take a nap.
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